Bright Sentosa!

Bright Sentosa1_combined

Under the project Bright Green!, Real Kaiten Pte Ltd has replaced the old lights in the beautiful island of Sentosa, using IQEDEN´s LED Lighting in three different locations: Palawan Beach Track, Sentosa Golf Club and Serapong Hill.

The images speak for themselves, so do the numbers. At Palawan Beach, there was a switch from 150W metal Halite to 90W LED, which helped to efficiently reduce the energy consumed by 60%. The 70W HPS at the Sentosa Golf Club were replaced by 60W LED and this showed a significant energy reduction of 65%. Lastly, at the Serapong Hill site, the 150W HPS were replaced by 150W LED lighting and the energy consumption dropped 21%.

Aside from energy savings, post-retrofitting results showed significant difference in brighter and whiter lighting (Lux / Colour temperature) with the LED replacement of smaller wattage. This lighting technology is also advantageous for a place like Sentosa, because unlike normal night lighting, such as Metal Halide lamps, LED lighting is cooler and does not emit Ultra-Violet rays, which normally attracts mosquitoes and insects.