Project Ark: ECO-Township Development in Angola

With a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed with the Provincial Office of Kwanza-Sul, Republic of Angola, Real Kaiten Consultancy & Investments Pte Ltd marks its first maiden venture into the Property & Real Estate market and breaks new ground with an integrated socio-economic project in Africa.

The project consists in developing a sustainable Eco-Township in Porto Amboim, Province of Kwanza-Sul, designated to become a reference for Angolans to live, work and play. The project involves the construction of housing, social facilities, sports and leisure areas, energy, water or telecommunications platforms, in a total site of 410 HA, that will turn Porto Amboim into a point of attraction not only for the locals and tourists, but also for international investors. As a mixed development with commercial, industrial and touristic areas, this Province of Angola is expected to operate on an economically sustainable model and to provide hundreds of jobs to the locals, whose skills will be developed through a proposed e-learning program.