About Us

Real Kaiten Group

Founded in Singapore 2008, the Real Kaiten Group set out to become a strategic community enabler, tapping into rapid growth opportunities of urban development, trade and investment in African and emerging economies. Our business areas focus on investments in enabling infrastructure, building human capacity, promotion of technological innovation in fostering environmental sustainability and knowledge-based entrepreneurship.

The Real Kaiten Group has deliberate emphasis on local community engagement and empowerment. We take a pragmatic approach focused on competence building as a key way to advance sustainable economic growth and social justice. Our commercial ventures overseas are joint-collaborations with local public and private-sector players, on projects and opportunities yielding high net improvements to social welfare, community engagement and long-term profitability.

The Real Kaiten Group comprises four companies of which three are Singapore-incorporated entities:

Real Kaiten Consultancy & Investments Pte Ltd:
Enabling Infrastructure Development, Agri-Food Commodities EXIM & Development

Kaiiten Communications Pte Ltd:
Business Management Consultancy & Investor Relations

Real Kaiten Pte Ltd:
Green Technologies, Productize Patents & Commercialization

OrientCity Limited (BVI):

Our Vision

To become a valuable community enabler that invests in the advancement of people groups from emerging markets towards self–reliance and a better quality of life.

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Our Strategy

To place the best economic, ecological and sustainable resources and practices from the developed world at the service of the developing countries and their communities.

Unique Value Preposition

Real Kaiten is a community builder whose expertise is to seed the socio-economic foundations, based on urban development, job creation, ecological solutions and empowerment of the communities.

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Bringing The Singapore Experience To Emerging Markets

Real Kaiten is particularly focused on helping the communities in the emergent markets to establish resilient and prosperous economies by investing in the ideal conditions for growth and supporting infrastructures to make this possible.

As a Singaporean company, Real Kaiten draws learning and inspiration from the successful Singaporean experience. An emergent market itself not too long ago, Singapore once had to struggle to find ways to grow its economy, provide its people jobs, learning opportunities and a good living environment. Founded only in 1965, Singapore is now currently one of the strongest, safest and most sophisticated economies in the world and also one of the most interesting for the international investors.

Real Kaiten´s goal is to project successful investment models, human capital training curricula as well as cutting-edge green technologies from the first world into the emergent markets that will allow economies and communities to sustainably grow.

The members of the core team at Real Kaiten have a wide range of experiences in emergent markets and includes: Malaysia, Middle East (Dubai & Qatar), the People’s Republic of China, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mexico and emerging markets of Africa.