Real Kaiten presents Eco-Township Concept Plan for Porto Amboim

A great step was taken towards the development of an Eco-Township in Porto Amboim, Province of Kwanza-Sul in Angola, with the presentation of its Conceptual Plan by Real Kaiten Consultancy & Investments (RKCI). The presentation event took place in October 2012 and was attended by the company´s partners and His Excellency Dr. Fidelino Loy de Jesus Figueiredo, the Ambassador of Angola in Singapore.

The Conceptual Plan consists of a mixed development of residential, industrial, commercial and leisure areas, designed to fulfil ecologic, economic and social goals, contributing the improvement of the quality living of the Angolan people.

At the end of the event, Ambassador of Angola and partners expressed its support and confidence in RKI, who prepares to take the project soon to the next stages of its accomplishment.