Real Kaiten Consultancy & Investments Pte Ltd

The main investment arm of the Real Kaiten Group founded in 2008, Real Kaiten Consultancy & Investments Pte Ltd (RKCI) is a Project Developer dedicated to investing in enabling infrastructures and establishing distribution networks for agro-food commodities. Its focus is in emergent markets, mainly in Africa. These activities play a key role in the economic growth of those countries as they are highly engaged with the local communities, their self-sustainability and overall quality of life.

RKCI collaborates with Government bodies to jointly invest, plan and manage the development of urbanised green estates, incorporating forward-planning policies to maximise job creation, learning, growth and private international investment. Most of these developments comprise infrastructures and integrated residential, commercial and industrial areas as a foundation to the economic growth.

RKCI also supports agro-commodities activities. In most emerging markets, there are critical linkages between agriculture and economic growth, where food security and agricultural development are the bottom line of prosperous economies. RKCI’s involvement in the agro-commodities sector is to participate strategically to strengthen rural innovation systems, develop effective clusters and value chains from across diverse sectors as horticulture, food processing, food storage and logistics, food safety, distribution and exports. All this is possible though technological innovation that improves the productivity of agricultural workers, most of whom are women, while protecting the environment.

This company is currently involved in 2 integrated projects in Angola.



Real Kaiten Pte Ltd

In response to the increasingly global demand for environmental products and services, Real Kaiten Pte Ltd (RK) was incorporated in 2010 to become a tech-designer and a global distributor of Clean Technologies, broadening the Group´s bandwidth as a community builder with a range of affordable and ecological solutions.

RK is strategic to the Group´s technology activities, contributing to its larger infrastructure projects and facilitating the diffusion and transfer of Clean Technologies from the first world into developing countries. The mass production allows the company to lower the costs in the long-run and therefore enhance affordability and sustainability of community transformation.

To further enhance accessibility to sound technologies, RK offers “green-financing” packages through trade financing instruments, giving extended credit terms to its clients.

RK has a growing in-house engineering and R&D working on energy-saving technologies and LED lighting patents invented by professors in Taiwan, holding the rights to productize and appoint sub-licensees.

The LED lighting technologies are traded under the brand IQEDEN, recognized for its value pricing and long lasting quality, tested to withstand even amidst harsh external conditions. The products can be tailored to fit technical needs and offer tested energy savings.

Learn more about IQEDEN and its products:



Kaiiten Communications Pte Ltd

Since 2003, Kaiiten Communications has been supporting an international clientele base with investor relations services, corporate communication and media relations support. From SMEs to listed corporate entities from China, Dubai, Malaysia, Korea, India, United Kingdom and Singapore, the firm has established for its clients, greater market presence and widened their business footprint with its suite of support services. For many of these businesses, organic market growth remains a key driver of business expansion that fulfills the investment objectives of their stakeholders.

Over the years, Kaiiten Communications has amassed an international network of investors; from private individuals, funds management to investment holding companies. Many are actively riding growth trajectories in the China, Africa and emerging markets. With the Real Kaiten group, they are engaged in cross-sectoral projects – from Museum development to agricultural investments.  This consultancy arm of the group opens doors for many community-enabling projects to access better credit.


Kaiten Facilities Management LLP

Kaiten Facilities Management is headed by a group of highly experienced facility managers, aircon (HVAC) servicing technicians and LED lighting specialists, each having more than 20 years of solid service record servicing satisfied customers in homes, industrial and commercial properties in Singapore.

OrientCity Ltd

OrientCity is a Company incorporated under the British Virgin Islands (BVI) Business Act in 2009, principally exploring investment opportunities and global trading.

The Real Kaiten Group is interested in the financial feasibility of projects as much as in the social impact and benefits they are likely to bring to the communities. The processes are not entirely straightforward and can be complex, considering continuous government intervention, changing economic policies, higher inflation, mounting interest rates, building costs or the growing scale of development projects.

These are challenges experienced by our group of specialists with decades of business experience dealing with partners from developing nations as North Asia, Africa and Middle East. Real Kaiten Group leverages its deep familiarity and professional experience in operating within these terrains and navigation capabilities required to traverse complex market conditions, cultural differences and ambiguous administrative processes.