Management Board

Elaina Olivia Chong

Real Kaiten Group Chairman & CEO

Elaina founded the Real Kaiten Group in 2003 and is experienced in investor relations, project finance and project management of building & clean technology projects in Asia and Africa. Elaina has served a global client base of China, Middle East and Singapore companies listed on the Singapore and Malaysia Stock Exchange, with total market capitalization exceeding S$900 million. She manages project finance structuring, contract administration, time-cost management using User-Experience Design (Building Information Modelling – BIM) construction technologies combined with financial modelling, to deliver progress results with visual design & financial transparency for investors in projects and companies.

Elaina has been invited to share her business vision in conferences around the world, including the inaugural World Green Building Summit at the invitation of Singapore Green Building Council, 2014 Women in Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy Development Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, 2015 Nigeria-Singapore Business & Investment Forum, Botswana Association of Women in Business in Botswana, 2015 Mongolia-Singapore Business Forum. In 2014, Elaina was invited to participate as a representative from Singapore at the Indian Ocean Rim Association Summit on Women Empowerment hosted by the Australian Government and supported by the United Nations Development Program.

Elaina was awarded a Singapore Government-funded scholarship for undergraduate studies in the UK and holds a Bachelor of Science (1st Class Honours) degree from the University of Surrey. She also has a MSc Project Management (Project Finance Specialisation) from the Department of Building, National University of Singapore. Elaina is a member of high-IQ society Mensa Singapore since 1993.

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Albert Teo

Chief Operating Officer of Real Kaiten Consultancy & Investments Pte Ltd
Deputy CEO of Real Kaiten Pte Ltd
Chairman of Project Ark
Ambassador of the Angolan Olympic Committee

Albert Teo brings with him a wealthy experience in international relations and emerging economies. His extensive and close professional network with numerous diplomatic and governmental agencies worldwide harnesses tremendous trans-border business and trading opportunities.

Trained in business logistics with an expert hand in commodities & agriculture trading, Albert has run multi-million dollar businesses and invested in many emerging markets, including Nigeria, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Botswana and India. As a core directional head in Real Kaiten, Albert Teo handles the global operations and international relations of the business.

Albert is the only Singaporean who has received a decree from the Olympic Committee of Angola for his present appointment as Ambassador, Republic of Angola, Comité Olímpico Angolano and current Deputy Chef de Mission for the Republic of Angola to Nanjing Olympics

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Ooi Kok Chan

Director of Technologies of Real Kaiten Pte Ltd

Major in Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University in 1985, Kok Chan has more than 25 years of experience in IT and engineering, Research & Development (R&D) and pioneering cutting-edge equipment technologies in the private sector.

Kok Chan´s curriculum includes sounding names such as Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd and Motorola Manufacturing System – Asia as engineering manager, as well as Inchone Pte Ltd, which he co-established in 2000 and where he successfully created and implemented an e-Learning Management System, adopted by Singaporean Governmental Agencies and notable commercial companies, such as the Defense Science and Technology Agency or the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In 2003, Kok Chan joined Aurigin Technology Pte Ltd as Senior Manager, designing and developing high precision automation equipment that were part of the company´s expansion into international markets of America, Europe, Japan and Asia.

Advisory Board

Dr Naomi Dowdy

Group Advisor

Having founded and led several organizations of global impact, Dr Naomi Dowdy is sought after by organizational leaders around the world for her entrepreneurial and organizational leadership.

She has more than 40 years of practical experience in restructuring and revitalizing organizations and bringing them to new levels of phenomenal growth. She mentors business owners and CEOs to grow their companies and provides visionary and strategic input for entrepreneurs wanting to pioneer business models that combine profitability and purpose.

“Dr Naomi Dowdy is a phenomenal visionary and strategist. She has remarkable insight into both the strategic and the day-to-day issues faced by businesses. Her input into our organization and business ventures has helped us succeed beyond expectation”. – Indri Gautama, President Commissary, Kuningan Place.

David Lum

Technologies Specialist & Advisor

David Lum is a Mechanical Engineer by training, a registered Professional Engineer and a qualified Indoor Environmentalist (USA).  He has extensive experience in managing large portfolio of facilities, first as the Chief Estate Manager in Public Works Department (PWD) and then as the Group Managing Director of CPG Facilities Management after PWD was corporatized and David Lum expanded it to become a regional concern.

David Lum is a visionary and a pragmatic goal-driven Chief Executive. He understands the forces shaping the market and takes timely action to reposition a company for sustainable growth and profitability. As the Chief of Estate Management of PWD, he restructured the archaic organisation, transforming it into a lean and competitive company and allowing its rapid expansion in the regional market. With an impressive record of accomplishment in China, the Chinese Subsidiary was awarded a Grade 1 License within 3 years of operation, a track record set by a foreign owned company. Annual turnover grew from S$30m to S$200m within 8 years.

As a result of his ability to adapt the company to the current challenges, David Lim is also responsible for the signature of over 150 MOUs only in the first year of overseas operation and many joint venture subsidiaries thereafter.


International Financial Advisor
Member of National Olympic Committee, Mongolia
President of Sukhbaatar District Olympic Council
First Vice President of Mongolian Sports Press Union
Executive Board Member of Asian Sports Press Conference

Steeped with over 20 years of experience in International Banking and Finance, Sato helms a consultancy based in Mongolia for Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). JICA is an independent administrative institution established to contribute to the promotion of international cooperation as well as the sound development of Japanese and global economy by supporting the socio-economic development, recovery or economic stability of developing regions.

As international financial advisor, Sato connects his global network of financial bigwigs and media/broadcast moguls to the team at Real Kaiten’s.

Professor Chen Kuei-Fang

Technologies Advisor (LED Lighting, Photovoltaic)
United States Patent 7637638
United States Patent 7572993

A prolific specialist in photovoltaic systems with distinguished credentials, Professor Chen hails from Taiwan, commanding a leading voice in Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) scientific advancements and solar technology. In recent years, Professor Chen has obtained several patents under his belt, such as  “lighting apparatus” patents (2009), “lighting device” patent (2010) and “LED lighting utility model patents” (2010). He has also received numerous awards and been invited by eminent officials from top government statures to present his contributions towards global scientific developments in lighting and solar energy technological progress.

Professor Chen is widely supported by the Japanese LED industry for pioneering aesthetic-designer LED lighting with his patents to enable colour-rendering customisation.