Business Areas

Direct Investments & Investor Relations

Real Kaiten finances projects and procures downstream services out of its headquarter operations in Singapore. It works with reputable Singaporean and international financing institutions to make direct investments in construction and infrastructure, mainly in emergent markets.

At the same time, Real Kaiten opens doors of these high-growth markets to other private investors and private equity institutions keen on parallel opportunities that may or may not be linked to the Company’s own project investments.

Concept Development

Conceptualising the vision of any project is one of the most crucial steps in any pre- development phase. For a project to be successful, the vision must not only reflect the values and mission of the organization driving the project, but also resonate with all the stakeholders involved. Real Kaiten offers this service that prioritizes the process of idea incubation, transforming it into a compelling vision. 

Feasibility Studies

Real Kaiten conducts Feasibility Studies to provide the information, assessment and physical impact of the projects on the site and surroundings, as well as Business Viability Studies, which are preliminary investigations into the potential costs and benefits associated with the undertaking or execution of a specific activity or a project. Together, these studies provide an extensive description of the current technological, economical, social and environmental scenario and allow the company to put forth a recommendation for a workable business preposition.

Construction & Green Building

Balancing costs between conventional construction techniques against investment into green sustainable materials and technologies is an intricate task. The right mix is able to generate savings in the long run to create a better ecological cycle and lessen environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Through its affiliate, Real Kaiten Pte Ltd, the construction and infrastructure projects incorporate eco-sustainable criteria and Clean Technologies (sustainable materials, consumption monitoring, waste management, etc.) that lower costs in the long run and therefore promote affordability and sustainability of community transformation.

Strategic Resource Planning

Real Kaiten has organizational capabilities and network to bring together the ‘best mix’ of like-minded organizations for projects at different parts of the business value-chain. On its own projects, it organizes networks to work with specialists and experts in their fields. The Real Kaiten blend of integrated analyses and business modelling is distinctive to the company ethos where everyone must benefit. Our strategic approach is characterized by multiple wins throughout the business value chain for all project stakeholders.

Training & Development

Real Kaiten empowers the communities in the emergent markets through transfer of knowledge and lifelong skills (via hands-on or e-learning platforms). This is aimed to equip the local communities with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to be absorbed by growing businesses and industries or to become entrepreneurs as a result of urban development projects and investments, ultimately leading to the economy growth and more job creation.

This is made possible by working hand-in-hand with professional educators and vocational institutions from all over the world, and in partnership with reputable IT and software companies that facilitate knowledge transfer with the help of modern technologies.

Hospitality and tourism, construction and maintenance, import & export, agro-processing, logistics or languages are some of the training programs provided.

Agri-foods & Commodities Distribution

Real Kaiten believes Agriculture and the strengthening of rural innovation and commodities distribution systems hold the key to creating wealth and prosperity for local communities in emergent markets. It believes in accelerating the development of Agricultural sectors by promoting value and growth throughout the entire value chain and has the network to facilitate the trading of commodities, raw materials and resources in emergent markets.

The Catalogue of Products for importation and exportation is constantly growing and can be visited here. Alternatively, check our page on the trading platform Alibaba.

Clean Technologies

Real Kaiten Pte Ltd provides green technology products and services in response to an increasing demand for more energy-efficient solutions to face electricity rising costs. The scope of services includes: research & development, design, manufacturing & assembly of technologies and development of patents for commercial production of LED Lighting.  The company is in the R&D development phase for energy monitoring systems and green farming solutions.

Real Kaiten’s management holds the rights to appoint sub-licensees for US registered patents invented by Taiwanese professors for setting up of manufacturing plants, appointing sales agents or distributors and business development purposes. With volume orders, the company is able to offer green-financing packages, giving extended credit terms to its clients.

LED Lighting

Under the brand IQEDEN, Real Kaiten supplies LED Lighting, whose uniqueness is in the efficient use of the natural full spectrum of light for conversion to white light, which enables uniform light projection across an illuminated area. Real Kaiten can appoint licensees interested in setting up manufacturing plants to produce lighting with the patent it represents.